I bought tickets yesterday for the Letlive., Architects, I the Mighty, and Glass cloud show in Dallas on may 13.

I’m very excited to see Letlive. again after South by so what?!


Day 54, Letlive.


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i just made this video

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I will judge you


If you rock fake shit.
Live within your means.
No stuntin necessary.


Basically my life in one picture.

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"Confidence is being able to say “Fuck you, I’m the shit” without opening your mouth, say it with your walk, with your smile, say it with your entire being."

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I could have used this information over the last 29 years of my god damn life

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My life atm

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Photo by Natalie Campbell.



You’ve got to be content with spending time by yourself because you are the only company you have when you’re alone.

And If you can’t spend time alone, it shows that you are unhappy with who you are.

have been trying to work at this in the last year. 

turns out i’m alone a lot more and i don’t feel shitty about it anymore cause i’m rad as shit to hang out with. 

It’s a great feeling isn’t it? I’m saving and intending on buying a motorcycle soon so I can go on loooomg ride and just spend that time with myself. Just me out riding, contemplating, sleeping in a tent maybe. I have found I enjoy my own company more than most. Like you said, You figure out how totally rad your own company is and how not having anyone to impress except for yourself is a… Well it’s an eye opener when you realize what it takes. Of course social interaction is nice, you just can’t make other People happy or I can go as far as to you can’t love anyone until you love yourself and make yourself happy. I’m proud of you my friend.


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